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At Main Line Audiology Consultants, P.C. our team of professionals is dedicated to giving you the most advanced hearing care. Although hearing loss isn't life threatening, it's still one of the top health problems facing Americans today. It can impair your ability to communicate well.

Thirty-four million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss, and as the Baby Boomers age, this number is sure to increase. In approximately 90% of cases, hearing loss is not medically or surgically treatable, but can be successfully helped with hearing aids. Fortunately, tremendous advances have been made in hearing aid technology over the past few years, including digital technology. Today's amplification options not only provide superior sound quality, they are less visible and more comfortable.

Our goal at Main Line Audiology Consultants, P.C. is to provide advanced hearing care you can trust, with complete hearing health care services. Our practice is dedicated to giving you back the sounds of life you have been missing. If you have ever wanted to know more about hearing health for you or someone you love, you have come to the right place.