If you or a loved one are wondering about their hearing, there is probably a good reason. A decrease in hearing ability affects people differently, and the only way to find out about your hearing is to visit a professional and let them evaluate you.

Our Audiologists will be glad to evaluate you hearing. For an evaluation, please call to make an appointment at least a week in advance due to our busy schedule. There is no obligation, and our highly trained and friendly Audiologists can discuss the results of your evaluation so you will know what options you might want to consider.

We strongly encourage for our patients to bring a spouse, family member or a loved one to their evaluation appointments. Using a familiar voice during technology demonstrations allows the patient to assess the improvements on their hearing.

Bringing the family member or loved one is particularly important if they happen to be the person you are having trouble hearing. Additionally, most patients hear their Audiologist perfectly, as they are accustomed to speaking with patients who have a hearing loss.

Moreover, it is often an exciting time when a patient experiences technology. It is nice to have someone there to share that moment with.