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“Your company, and the lyric, has given me a better life.”

“I’m eighty-three years old.

I’ve been partially deaf for sixty-two of those years (since the Korean War). During those 62 years, I’ve work a variety of hearing devices, dispensed by a variety of audiologists – some better than others.

Last year I decided to try the Lyric Hearing Aid. I did this at your Jenkintown office, with your Audiologist Brian Harrington.
At first I experienced some difficulty in adjusting to the Lyric, and Brian had to fine-tune the instrument so that it fit properly in my ear canal. And He did.

My reason for writing you is to tell you that in all those 62 years of dealing with my hearing problems. The people at Main Line Audiology have been the best. Brian does not treat me as “Just another customer.” He listens to me. He is patient, excellent professional. He cares about me. And I am very grateful for this.

Your company, and the lyric, has given me a better life.”

James Warren

“Dr. Goodman is a leader in her field”

“Kudos to the incredible Dr. Kathy Goodman and her extraordinary Main Line Audiology group! Dr. Goodman has great passion for her profession and stays involved in the latest technology so she can treat her patients with the best and most modern hearing devices.

I, personally, have worn Lyric hearing aids for two plus years and could not recommend them more highly. They are carefree, effective and virtually invisible. Dr. Goodman is a leader in her field and I am pleased to have had her friendship for the past ten years and her expertise in the audiology field. Thank you,”

Mary Ann Oaks

“Best Audiologists in the Philadelphia area”

“I can see why Dr. Kathy Goodman and her group keep being selected as the Best Audiologists in the Philadelphia area. They are knowledgeable, up-to-date with the latest in hearing aid improvements, friendly, interested and always helpful. Their follow-up, with frequent audiology check-ups, make you feel very comfortable – and, best of all – your hearing improves.”

Frank Strawbridge

“Main Line Audiology ranks at the very top in terms of overall experience and satisfaction.”

“I have been familiar with Main Line Audiology for over two years now. We first took my 88 year old father there when his loss of hearing was so severe he was unable to carry on a conversation; which was frustrating for everyone. After evaluating his hearing and trying several different types of hearing aid devices, the Lyric system proved to be the most effective. In a time when other medical services are becoming increasingly impersonal, distant and frustrating to work with, Main Line Audiology has always been moving in the opposite direction.

Recently, I had my hearing checked to evaluate a mild tinnitus in my left ear and to establish a baseline for the future. Of all the medical and professional services I have used in the recent past, Main Line Audiology ranks at the very top in terms of overall experience and satisfaction. I will continue to use them even though I live in Connecticut and would highly recommend them.”

Scott Wood

Talk to the experts.

Talk to the experts.

“Professional staff”

“I began my relationship with Main Line Audiology in November 2009 with a hearing evaluation that confirmed a mild hearing loss. The professional staff at the Narberth office, beginning with Dr. Kathy Goodman, could not have been more helpful in recommending my several options. Over the past two years, I can say without hesitation that the personal attention offered to me during my follow up visits for my Lyric hearing device has been very accommodating and comfortable and is the main reason why I have been so satisfied with the Lyric device. The minituration and invisibility are very satisfying and desirable, but the quality of my personal auditory experience has a lot to do with the professional staff at Main Line Audiology who program, fit and support these highly advanced pieces of technology.

For me, the combination of the two made me whole again and I thank you for that Dr. Goodman.”

Joe G.

“Very impressed with the extremely thorough audiology exam you provided.”

“I want you to know that I was very impressed with the extremely thorough audiology exam you provided for me when I visited your office yesterday. I am simply amazed at the modern technology that is available to evaluate hearing loss and tinnitus.”

Robert W. Case

“Main Line Audiology hears you!!

The Verizon corporation created a “catchy” marketing phrase – “Can you hear me now”? Thanks to Dr. Kathy Goodman, I certainly can hear you and many other words and sounds that went missing in my world for many years.

Frankly, as I aged I found myself making accommodations that were necessary in order to function on the job, in social situations, and most of all, at home. Like many others, I denied the imperceptible and insidious changes for a variety of reasons – including vanity. However, reality continued to intrude and broke through my defenses. I soon realized that my world was becoming restricted. The gradual loss of hearing accompanied the loss of former important behavioral cues – to the extent that I frequently embarrassed myself, and my ego.

Where to turn?? – I have learned that having credentials and professional designations does not always square with competency. Serendipitously, my grandson was born with a profound hearing loss. The vetting performed by my daughter led me to Dr. Kathy Goodman, and the Main Line Audiology Center. Having background in health care proved an asset in making my own assessment – and Dr. Goodman ranks at the top of the professional scale. Her examinations were done with skill, experience, and sensitivity.

The results were immediately apparent after I was fitted with hearing aids. I have been able to recapture what I had unknowingly given up – the sounds that keep us connected to the world around us – and the reawakening has been wonderful!”

Tony Santore

Talk to the experts.

Talk to the experts.

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